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11 Oct

Artificial Intelligence News: Transforming Digital Marketing


Digital Marketing


Salesforce has recently released their fourth annual “State of Marketing” report, and they have found that the future of digital marketing is all about Artificial Intelligence. Based on a worldwide survey of 3,500 marketers, the report shows that respondents are increasingly relying on AI to learn from customer’s past behavior and deliver truly tailored customer journeys.

Some of their key findings are:

AI is helping marketers better understand and predict consumer behavior. High-performing companies are using AI to drive product recommendations and already seeing measurable results, and expect to increase their use of AI by more than 50% in the next two years.

Top performing marketers are investing in new technologies to deliver a unified customer journey and stay ahead of the competition. AI is enjoying a 53% year-over-year growth with leading marketers, followed by IoT and marketing automation.

In addition, Salesforce reports that many top marketers say that their Data Management Platform is the most essential technology for 1-to-1 marketing across every touchpoint. Leading marketing teams are 4.3x more likely to use a DMP than their underperforming counterparts.

Today’s customers are always-connected, and expect companies to be so as well. They expect brand experiences to be both consistent across every channel, but also unique and personalized to them. Marketers are leveraging the latest AI technologies to meet these high expectations, resulting in increased brand loyalty and higher sales. According to the latest research, this trend will only progress in coming years, as businesses and software companies find more ways to manage large datasets and customize the unique abilities of AI to deliver results.

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